New utilization for old beverage cartons

A state-of-the-art recycling system for used beverage cartons is installed at Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle since 1999. The system was developed in cooperation with ReCarton GmbH and was perfected since. Based on the daily use and the long-term experience, the paper factory has a comprehensive know-how, which is required for the utilization of this raw material from the dual system.

It is the objective to completely recycle beverage cartons. The paper fibers, which are the main material for the composite boards, are used at the location for the manufacture of white recycled liner on our paper machines. The integrated quality management system ensures that the fiber material acquired in this manner can be processed without problems.

Other components such as aluminum and polyethylene are in the meantime used by innovative companies. The polyethylene will be extracted, refined and marketed by an external company.

As the operator of the largest recycling system for used beverage cartons, Niederauer Mühle actively contributes to the protection of the environment – by utilizing 100 percent wastepaper, through innovative technology, through continuous further development and by the reduction of transport routes.